Monday, November 22, 2010

An Actual Hanukkah Craft Tutorial- Star Garland!

I have a Hanukkah [Channukah, hannukah, chanukkah- it all goes] party coming up and I have been looking around online for some creative inspiration, but coming up short. I also want my daughter to start getting excited for the holiday and have some reminders up around the house. I didn't want the traditional blue&white, but still wanted to stay more Jewishy than "generic holiday-y". Seriously I found nothing. Martha Stewart did have this clever tutorial to make a "six pointed star" cut out that I thought I could do something with. And I remembered that I have had this bundle of origami paper in my desk for, oh, like 10 years. I wouldn't have picked out that pattern set today, but I think that made it a bit more interesting.
I cut around 70 of them before I had any idea of what to do and a garland seemed to fit the project best. So here is an honest to goodness non- blue&white Hanukkah decoration tutorial.
Hanukkah Non-Blue&White Star Garland
40+ squares of patterned paper
White cotton string

View image larger with instructions here.
  1. Fold a square of paper in half to form a rectangle
  2. Fold the top right corner over to match 1/4 from the bottom left edge
  3. Fold the left side over so the top left border is even with the right edge fold
  4. Using the top point as a guide, fold the whole "triangle" in half
  5. Turn the shape sideways with the folded edge at the top
  6. Cut from the center of the bottom edge, diagonally, up towards where the fold overlaps [see image for this one]
  7. You want to cut a perfect isosceles triangle
  8. Open and enjoy your perfect star!
  9. Using a glue stick, put glue on the back of one star and line the string up with the center fold. Make sure that the points are facing up and down.
  10. Stick the second star on top of the first, sandwiching the string.
  11. Do this 20+ more times to create a garland!
Notes: If I were to do this again I would have created a template of the cut so that each star was the same- each of my stars is a little different so they don't match perfectly when glued together. Good thing I am not a perfectionist. Also, my 2 1/2 year old helped with the gluing- her favorite part. She was also excellent at taking off and putting the lid back on the glue stick. When I put the garland up she exclaimed, "soooooo boootiful!" so I guess it is a festive winner in this household.

Cheers and happy Hanukkah!!


pollyanna cowgirl said...

Hayley, I love this tutorial! I too have been scouring the internet for good Hanukkah crafts and have totally come up short. I'm gonna link to your blog tomorrow morning on the ReadyMade craft blog; check it out if you like!

Megs said...

Love this :) Thanks for sharing & Happy Hanukkah!

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